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We source, build, and run your tech teams

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Why Offshore?

Small and medium-sized businesses are always facing growing pressures. Your tech team capacities either hold you back or propel you forward. By reducing your costs by as much as 60%, you can infuse new energy and vigor into your enterprise.

Acquire the most exceptional talent at a price that leaves you smiling

Why Indonesia?

  • Asia’s fastest-growing digital economy
  • 274 million people, 50% under 30 years old
  • 3rd biggest young workforce after India and China
  • 30% of population with English proficiency
  • 850 IT Universities and Academies
  • 80,000 fresh IT graduates entering the workforce every year
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Dedicated Teams 

The dedicated team approach involves engaging a group of skilled professionals dedicated exclusively to a specific project or client. Usually this model is chosen for long-term projects and offers a cost-saving approach.

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Hybrid Teams

Outstaffing and Augmented teams are another innovative IT-outsourcing strategies, which involves hiring remote professionals to work as an extension of the client's in-house team. 

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Agile Custom Full-Cycle Software Development

You define the needs of your project and we run the team, either on a Fixed-Price or on a Time-and-Material base. 


Client is our King & Queen

  • Client decides who gets hired
  • Flexible team integration into client processes and tools
  • Dedicated customer teams only

Cost Effective

  • Economical monthly fees
  • All equipment & tools provided by Wolkk
  • All sourcing, admin, tax, payroll, legal, as well as quarterly team building events paid by Wolkk
  • No extra or hidden fees

Peace of Mind

  • Onsite leadership with deep industry experience
  • Quality driven mindset in all teams
  • English speaking staff only

Employee Retention

  • Upper market range salaries
  • Remote roles = enhanced employee dedication
  • Quarterly teambuilding & learning events in Bali
  • Online learnings and courses

Tech Stack & Skills.

  • BackEnd: PHP (Laravel), Go (Echo, Fiber), Js (Nest JS, Express), Java (Spring, Springboot), .NET(C#, ASP, VB), Rust
  • FrontEnd and Mobile: Flutter, Kotlin, React Js, Next Js, Jquery, Bootstrap, Tailwind
  • DB: PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis 
  • Data Streaming: Confluent (Kafka), RabbitMQ
  • API Gateway: Kong, Nginx, Traefik 
  • GCP, AWS, Azure, Kubernetes, Docker, APM Log, EFK, Prometheus, Grafana (11)

Business Services we offer. Besides Software Development and Dedicated Teams.

Project Management - Systems Architecture - Systems Analysis - Systems Maintenance - UI/UX Design - IT Support - Service Desk


How We Recruit

Our in-house recruiters works alongside Indonesia’s best independent recruiters to source the perfect individuals for your teams through a variety of sources:

Expert Chats, Expert Forums, Meet-ups, Hackathons, Tech Events, Referrals, Job Ads

Whatever it takes to get the right match!

Our Screening Process

We pre-screen and assess all candidates, ensuring you only see qualified candidates, which makes your selection process lightning fast!

We can provide scorecards and videos of interviews. Then it is totally up to you what further screening and assessment you wish to do before deciding which candidate gets hired.


How it feels to work with us?

ONE TEAM - Our people become your people. We encourage you to regard our staff as an extension of your own team.

YOUR BRAND – All our virtual and physical workspaces are branded with your logo. We put in a lot of effort to comprehend your organizational culture and assimilate quickly.

YOUR PROCESSES - We mirror your delivery processes, we work with your tools, and we collaborate to ensure that our staff can participate remotely in all your company events and meetings whenever possible.

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Learn more about Outsourcing and Offshoring

How we work

5 Steps to outsource your team.


First, our experienced founder and partner work closely with you to understand your situation and identify how offshoring could help your business.


Then we source and you meet and select your team from a list of qualified candidates which we provide.


While sourcing, we agree all the terms and sign the Master Services Agreement. You can request the employee to sign any required agreement with your enterprise such as a Non-Disclosure Agreement.


Finally, you say a virtual “hello” to your team. We stay involved throughout the onboarding period, ensuring both you and your new team members are aligned and happy.


We ensure that all your company values, culture, processes, and working tools are clear and being adhered to or used effectively by your new team.

"Let us make you smile."