01 Provide Best Services

Development as a Service

We create your software product in a high quality with modern technology.

Web backend development

Mobile Apps

iOS and Android

Java and Javascript

02 What We Do

Cloud Development Is What We Do

You define the specs, we create the software.

  • Modern Cloud Technologies
  • Including Quality Assurance
03 Our Services

Outsourcing of your development team

Application Development

Java, JavaScript, Angular, React, C# .NET and other

Microservice Architecture

API development, REST services, Json and other

Mobile Apps development

iOS, Android and Windows apps with Flutter (Dart)

04 wolkk Academy

Knowledge is the key

Training in our inhouse wolkk Academy is a main focus of our business model. Only highly skilled developers will fulfill the quality expectations of wolkk and its customer base in Europe.

05 Jobs

Start your career at wolkk

Learn & Grow

06 Who We Are

Meet the Founders
25 years of experience in IT and development

After 25 years in the European software industry, I guide developers to achieve high quality standards.

Vanjo Wandscher

Vanjo Wandscher


I help finding the right talents and building the best training program in Indonesia.


Mariska Wandscher

Mariska Wandscher


Each team consists of max. 8 developers, including the team-lead. We use Scrum to organise our workload. 

Flutter, React, Java, Javascript and others.

Our goal is to establish a longterm relationship. Sometimes it starts with a small project...

07 FAQ

Any Questions for wolkk outstaffing

Why should I outstaff my software development?